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Probably one of the most misunderstood elements of Bavarian uniforms during the First World War is that of Aschingerborte or Borte. Borte was introduced as part of the new 1916 uniform regulations, formally introduced in an order issue by the King of Bavaria on April 1, 1916 and it intended as a means of providing an simple method for distinguishing the Bavarians from the rest of the German Army (before this, the distinct “lion” buttons performed this function). Also, with the introduction of the 1916 regulations, all the distinct buttons of the various German states were replaced with the rimless “crown” buttons.

gtp30Essentially there were four varieties of Aschingerborte:

For Officers:

  1. Bright Silver – Blue for the 1916 pattern feldgrau (field gray) peacetime tunic (Feldgrauer Friedensrock)
  2. Matte Silver – Blue for the 1916 pattern field tunic (i.e. the “Bluse”).

For EM’s/NCO’s:

  1. White – Blue for the feldgrau (field grey) 1916 pattern peacetime tunic
  2. Grey – Blue (like my original example pictured below) for the 1916 pattern field tunic (Bluse)

Borte: From left to right: Officer Peacetime Tunic, Officer Field Tunic, NCO/Enlisted Peacetime Tunic, NCO/Enlisted Field Tunic

The Borte was to run along the entire collar edge

Below is a piece of original EM/NCO Borte for the field tunic/Bluse:


EM/NCO braid (grey-blue wool), worn after regulation (dated April 1, 1916) on the “Einheitsfeldbuse” and the “Einheitsmantel:

Below are original Borte for the officer tunics:


Borte – For The Officer Peacetime Tunic


Borte – For the Officer Field Tunic (Bluse)

Below are examples of the Borte mounted on tunics:


In the above portrait of a Bavarian sergeant, one can see the Borte running along the bottom edge of the collar of the Bluse with the NCO Tresse running above it.

Borte4 Borte5

In the above two pictures of the 1916 Pattern Bluse, one can see the Borte running all the way along the edge of the collar. This tunic appears to be an officer’s tunic.


Peacetime 1916 Pattern Enlisted/NCO Peacetime Tunic.


Close-Up of Collar

The above tunic is the 1916 Pattern Enlisted/NCO Peacetime Tunic that was worn by a sergeant. Note that the Borte only runs along the front edges of the collar.


Borte mounted on an enlisted 1916 Pattern Bluse or “Einheitsfeldbuse.”

The tunic above is the field jacket or “Bluse” with the Borte only running along the front edges of the collar. As an economy measure, on December 10, 1917, Cabinet Orders (Orders no. 190 754 V 3 and 219 587 V 3) were issued directing that the Borte was only to be worn on the front edges of the collar.

The above is just a brief overview and no doubt there will be changes as new information is discovered.