The 1916 “Transitional” Uniform Recreated

Here are a few pictures illustrating my recreation of one possible uniform that a trooper in the 2 Chevauleger could worn in mid to late 1916. These pictures were taken at a steam punk (yeah, I know, it’s a long story) event that was held aboard the RMS Queen Mary which is now permanently docked in Long Beach, California and is now a museum.


In the above picture I am wearing the Bavarian version of the 1915 pattern Bluse which was meant to replace the variety of tunics used by the various branches in the German Army. Pinned on the Bluse are ribbons for Bavarian Long Service, Service in the China Relief Expedition in 1900-01, and Service in Southwest Africa 1903-05.

The shoulder boards are carmine with dark green trim. This was authorized on an interim basis due to the shortage of Orange-Rot (orange-red) wool fabric to make shoulder boards per the 1916 new uniform regulations.


The Transitional Shoulderboards


These are the proper shoulder boards per the 1916 regulations.

Naturally, the eye is attracted to the fact that the 1915 pattern cavalry breeches I am wearing are of a different shade of wool than the tunic. Colors did vary from lot to lot even though the color is supposed to be Feldgrau. As the war went on, color of fabrics and especially wool would vary more and more as a result of materials shortages.

The visored cap is a private purchase item, trimmed in the carmine trim of the 2 Chevauleger.

The breeches are the 1915 pattern cavalry breeches. The pair depicted in the picture were recently made for me and I was wearing them for the first time. There is a 1909 pattern Chevauleger Ulanka to go with them but I have not sewn the buttons on it yet.

I am also wearing the 1911 sword belt sans the actual sword. I probably should have worn the proper 84/98 bayonet with sword knot but due to paranoia over weapons in public places these days, I opted to go without.

cavalry belt 058

The 1911 Sword Belt, Disassembled

The 1911 Sword Belt, Disassembled

Another View

The 1911 Sword Belt, Complete

The 1911 Sword Belt, Complete

And for another view:


For footwear, I am wearing private purchase ankle boots with leather leggings. I probably should have also had NCO insignia since this was a more common look for an NCO as opposed to an enlisted man but it still could have happened. Finally, just for effect, I also had a riding crop with me.

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