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Finding a good reproduction (or any reproduction) of a proper rucksack has been a difficult proposition. The one rucksack that had been available on the market was a kind of hybrid, combining elements of the 1915 and 1918 models; in reality it was a fantasy piece although one could argue that it was some sort of civilian type that was acquired off-the-shelf during the big build-up in 1915.

However, in response to a need for rucksacks, Steve Fisher has developed a reproduction of the 1915 pattern. Below are some pictures:

Fisher1 Fisher2 Fisher3 Fisher4 Fisher5This compares favorably with the 1915 pattern:

The 1915 Pattern Rucksack

The 1915 Pattern Rucksack

Rucksack4 - Copy

Rucksack10 - Copy


Perhaps the only real liberty that was taken was to add four mounts to the outside cover in order to secure the mess kit. In the picture below, the mess kit is mounted lower although it is difficult to see how this could be arranged on the 1915 pattern rucksack because of the large pocket (perhaps this is one of those off-the-shelf civilian pattern ones).


In any event, Mr. Fisher’s creation fills a gap in German equipment and is especially useful for those non-infantry front line impressions.