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In the course of doing living history and reenactment, it’s easy to lose sight of just who the original soldiers that made up the 3 Eskadron, 2 Chevaulger Regiment. One such soldier is Chevauleger Josef Mühlbauer who died on July 28, 1917 in Northern France, somewhere in the vicinity of Lauwin-Planque.

Josef Mühlbauer was born on October 17, 1892 in Rettenbach, a town just east of Regensburg and was only 25 when he died. What really makes this even more sad (all deaths in war are sad in their way) is that Chevauleger Mühlbauer died of injuries sustained to the skull when he was kicked in the head by a horse. Not shells, bullets, bombs, poison gas, or even bayonets…no, an injury from a horse. What’s ironic is that no doubt Chevauleger Mühlbauer was an experienced cavalryman and in theory should never have sustained such an injury. However, in handling horses, it’s all too easy for the most experienced person to get seriously hurt or even killed by a horse (I can attest to this through experience, having handled horses for some 20 years myself). It’s all so senseless.

Chevauleger Mühlbauer is buried here at the Kriegsgräberstätte in St.-Laurent-Blangy. Below is his Stammrolle page: