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Oh Tannenbaum!

Oh Tannenbaum!

Last December, the 2 Chevauleger attended the Great War Historical Society’s 1914 Christmas Truce Event. This event attempted to recreate the spontaneous truce that occurred in segments of the Allied/German lines during Christmas 1914 and especially in the British Sector. The event started with a small scale attack on the British lines that rapidly petered out in the face of fierce defensive fire. Then we held a mail call for the German forces followed up by dinner, which we invited our British Komeraden to attend under flag of truce. Later, after dark, we celebrated Christmas by lighting candles for two Christmas trees in no man’s land with our British Komeraden and sang Christmas carols around a bonfire (the fire definitely kept the cold at bay).

This event was a bit different than the usual battle event in that the focus was on living history rather than creating battles and overall it was a success although it would have been nice had more British showed up. Below are some pictures from the event:

Matt and I attended, representing the 2 Chevauleger.

Matt and I attended, representing the 2 Chevauleger.


Line-Up. Unfortunately, it was mostly the Germans at this event.

Killing time before going over the top.

Killing time before going over the top.

Fritz couldn't make it...

Fritz couldn’t make it…

And our Commonwealth Comrades...

And our Commonwealth Comrades…

The soccer game...

The soccer game…

All in all, it was a nice event and a welcome change from the usual sort of event. It’s a pity that we couldn’t get more people to attend because it’s this sort of thing is what living history is all about.