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East Front1

I am happy to announce that the Great War Historical Society’s East Front Event has been scheduled for December 5, 2015. While this may be far away, time as a way of rushing fast and before you know it…there you are!

This is an attempt to introduce something new to the world of WWI reenacting and demonstrate that there was more to the conflict that the usual stereotypical Western Front. In fact, it could be argued that the Eastern Front had a profound impact on the course of the war in that it was a constant distraction for the Germans, drawing off troops and other resources from the Western Front. Moreover, having to constantly come to the rescue of their Austro-Hungarian allies also acted as a drain on German resources. At the same time, of all the combatants, the Russians offered the best chance for Germany to achieve a victory because of the weaknesses of their military machine. As events were to prove, the Germans came very close to winning the war by successfully knocking out Russia by 1917. Although it’s subject to speculation, had Germany defeated Russia in 1916, it might have afforded them enough time to turn their forces westward before the Americans had a chance to intervene in a meaningful way. Also, it would have given the Germany a better opportunity to organize and utilize the grain supplies of the Ukraine to feed a starving Germany.

In any event, this represents a new endeavor and right now we are once again envisioning a one-day event with fighting followed by an informal get-together at the end of the day for food and drink. Assembling a Russian impression is fairly easy to do and won’t break the bank and the same goes for an Austro-Hungarian impression. German impressions are a little more tricky but it’s still attainable. For further information, please go HERE.

Below are some pictures from our last event in 2013:


Our Austrian Komeraden.


Gathering for the “peace conference” afterwards…much food and drink was exchanged. 🙂


And yours truly, Oskar Landschultz on detached duty with the 1 Eskadron which served on the East Front.