Here’s an interesting cavalry picture of a soldat of Dragoon Regiment No. 6 that illustrates some of the cavalryman’s equipment; you can see the mess kit case mounted on the saddle. Also, on the soldat, you can just make out the end of the entrenching tool handle. Also, you can make out the artillery canteen with the cup attached. However, it does not appear that the carbine scabbard is not present, judging from the fact that the soldat is wearing the carbine, a Kar 98a, slung on his back.


Soldat of Dragoon Regiment No. 6.

So, are we able to put a date on this picture? I think so. Based on the  regimental number is on his picklehaube cover points towards 1914. The fact that he has an artillery canteen suggests sometime after August since canteens were not issued until September. Also, the display of regimental numbers on the picklehaube cover were eliminated for security reasons in early 1915. Conclusion, it’s most likely that this picture was taken in late 1914, in September or later.