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As a follow-up to the last installment in this series, I have finally managed to get an accurate reproduction of the cavalry, or more properly artillery, canteen. Below is are pictures of the reproduction which is essentially an infantry pattern canteen with the appropriate straps and harness added afterwards. This canteen also has unit markings appropriate for the 2 Chevauleger. 🙂

Atillery Canteen2

Front View

Atillery Canteen1

Rear View

Below are pictures of the original canteen for comparison:

Artillerie Feldfllasche_2

Front View; Photo courtesy of Chip Minx.

Rear View

Rear View; Photo courtesy of Chip Minx.

Note that in the top example, there is no cross-strap running across the canteen towards the top. In the next examples, the canteen used is the 1915 pattern and it does have a cross-strap at the top. Also, all the straps are ersatz.

Cavalry Canteen1

Picture Courtesy of Johann Sommers.

The version I had reproduced follows more of the second pattern. I opted for this since I felt that it would provide a bit more strength and stability for the harness, especially because of the strain caused by the weight of the water and that it would be moving violently on my person in the course of action and it’s not unreasonable that 1907 canteens were used with the later 1915 pattern harness.

This is a welcome piece of kit and I hope to have some more made so as to equip the unit.