Carrier pigeons were one form of communication that was widely used during the First World War. According to the regimental history, from July 18, 1916 to August 10, 1916, a carrier pigeon station was established at Romagne and was garrisoned with 1 officer, 2 NCOs, 4 enlisted men and 8 horses. The men posted were Oberleutenant Spiegelberger, Sergeant Donauer, Sergeant Kuhlen and Chevaulegers Weber, Kamsperger, Auerhammer and Winter.

As a note, here’s some information on two of the above men; it appears that both survived the war:

Oberleutenant Julius Spiegelberger, b. April 21, 1887, Stammrolle No. 26

Stammrolle Page- Julius Spiegelberger

Stammrolle Page- Julius Spiegelberger

Sergeant Joseph Donauer, b. March 25, 1893, Stammrolle No. 267

Stammrolle Page- Joseph Donauer, 267

Stammrolle Page- Joseph Donauer

Below are some pictures of the town:


Panoramic view of the town.


The center of town.


The Spanish Rider Circus

Romagne4It’s nice to be able to link names with the official records. Hopefully I will discover more in the future and I can update this blog post.