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Saint Benoît-en-Woëvre was home for the 2 Chevauleger Regiment for roughly a year and a half, from December 12, 1914 to July 14, 1916. The town was also site of the headquarters for the III Bavarian Corps and there is no doubt that the regiment was involved in dispatch riding and otherwise providing manpower for the Feldgendarmerie.

Below are a few pictures that I found:

Schloss2 Schloss3

Nicknamed the “Schloss” (or castle), the German Army utilized a structure that had once been a monastery as the headquarters for the III Bavarian Corps during the Battle of Verdun as well as using it for a field hospital.


Note the ambulances lined up in back.


Here are some more views:


Feldpost collection station in St. Benoît.


Outside of III Bavarian Corps Headquarters at the Schloss. The guard boxes are impressive with the Bavarian motif painted on the sides.

Finally, we end with “then and now” views:


The Schloss then…


The Schloss now…not much left except the walls.

It’s too bad that we do not have any known photos of the 2 Chevauleger actually at St. Benoît or anywhere in the vicinity. Maybe one day… 🙂